Message from Crime Prevention Officer

Think of ways to have a safe Halloween.

Remove bangers/reworks from your child if you discover them in their possession. Check with your local authority for family-friendly Halloween events and licensed reworks displays taking place in your area.

Educate your child to have respect for older, vulnerable people in the community.

Always be mindful of where your child is during Halloween, where they are going and what time they will be back.

Take responsibility. Ensure that your child does not cause injury to either  themselves or others.

Did you know?

  • It is an offence for any person to possess a firework with intent to sell or supply, without a licence.
  • It is an offence to throw an ignited firework at any pe rson or property.
  • It is an offence to light unlicensed fireworks.
  • The penalty for these offences is a fine of up to €10,000 or 5 years imprisonment or both.
  • The simple possession of fireworks without a licence is also an offence – liable to a fine of up to €10,000.


Sgt Dean Kerins,

Crime Prevention Officer.

Letter from Crime prevention Officer

”In relation to a post by a follower regarding suspicious approaches to children in Kells last Tuesday I can confirm that there was a report made to Gardai in Kells on Tuesday evening. The report stated that two young men in a small car (unfortunately details such as make, colour and reg are not known) were stopped at the entrance to the Archdeaconry Estate on the Moynalty Rd and spoke to three young boys who were walking home. They told the boys that they had presents in the back of the car and that they should get in the back of the car to have a look at them. The young boys were brilliant and did not go near the car. They ran home and told their parents immediately who contacted the Gardai. The investigation is ongoing and I will keep everybody updated if there are any further developements.”
Crime Prevention Officer

Incident near Duleek

Hi all,

Something for you all to be aware of.

Last Saturday evening an incident occured near Duleek where two men
pretending to be Gardai entered the home of a elderly lady and tried
to rob her of her cash and jewellery. They left empty handed in a dark
coloured car which was not better described. Thank fully she was not
injured but please inform any elderly friends or relations that this
incident occured. Make sure they press their mobile panic buttons if
they feel threatened or press their bogus button before they open the
doors to unknown persons. Please report any suspicious activity to
your local station.

Sergeant Dean Kerins
Crime Prevention Officer
087 0601702
Athlumney House, Navan.

Crime Prevention- Burglaries during day time

Hi All,

Just a short note to let you know that there have been a number of
burglaries throughout the county during day time. There appear to be a
group of thieves breaking into houses during school pick up and
collection times. Please take extra caution during these hours when
doing school runs and ensure your house is properly secured. Please
inform any of your friends that are not on the mailing list or your
local school. If you have any friends that wish to be connected onthe
mailing list please pass my e mail onto them.

During the course of a number of these burglaries a dirty silver
subaru impreza was seeing leaving the scene with a number of people on
board. It is using false registration number plates. Please can you
report any sighting of a car like this to your local garda station


Sefrgeant Dean Kerins
Crime Prevention Officer

Crime Prevention Officer’s letter

Hi All,

Two notices.

We have recovered five inflatable dingys (one red and four grey
coloured). They are West line 260 eco. There were possibly used in the
sea at some stage. If anybody lost one of these or knows anybody that
may have lost these can you let me know. They appear to be quite

Please be aware of a grey coloured car around the Rathfeigh / Tara
area it was seen in the past few days going in and out of houses of
some of the elderly people in the area. There is no better description
of car or the man involved other than he is in his late 20 early 30.
Please report any suspicious activity.


Sergeant Dean Kerins
Crime Prevention Officer

Letter from Crime Prevention Officer

Just a piece of information for you regarding burglaries. I was just doing a check on burglaries in Meath over the past mfour weeks as regards how the criminals got into the houses. Nearly all burglaries were carried out where the burglars entered the house by barrell popping either the front or back patio door. If you can recall at the talks where I showed you a piece of a door and the barrell which holds the key this is the main area where the criminals are targeting as they know it is very easy to gain entry to a house. So as already said
in the past change the barrel to a more updated one, use a anti-lock device for the patio doors and this will make the door far more secure and more difficult for the criminals to get into your homes. In addition most if not all had no house alarmsfitted to protect the house. If you are planning to get an alarm make sure you use a reputable company. Get at least three quotes to ensure you are getting the best value. It would be recommended that you have theh house monitored by a company or self monitroing via digit text.


Dean Kerins
Crime Prevention Officer