Message from Crime Prevention Officer

Think of ways to have a safe Halloween.

Remove bangers/reworks from your child if you discover them in their possession. Check with your local authority for family-friendly Halloween events and licensed reworks displays taking place in your area.

Educate your child to have respect for older, vulnerable people in the community.

Always be mindful of where your child is during Halloween, where they are going and what time they will be back.

Take responsibility. Ensure that your child does not cause injury to either  themselves or others.

Did you know?

  • It is an offence for any person to possess a firework with intent to sell or supply, without a licence.
  • It is an offence to throw an ignited firework at any pe rson or property.
  • It is an offence to light unlicensed fireworks.
  • The penalty for these offences is a fine of up to €10,000 or 5 years imprisonment or both.
  • The simple possession of fireworks without a licence is also an offence – liable to a fine of up to €10,000.


Sgt Dean Kerins,

Crime Prevention Officer.

1 thought on “Message from Crime Prevention Officer

  1. Good to know that because just last few weeks at least 5 times throwing on the car into my garden ,at my door fireworks .
    Unfortunately, I became the enemy because I did not let rob here some bad-lived teenager.Unfortunately, the neighbors watched attacked and that no one is doing anything.(Honorable exceptions)Luckily it came to garda and arrested them.
    I just want to ask everyone to help each other,we very much like living here like a big family.
    Do not allow to few mini-gangster rob here,breaks everything,and threaten for the young ones, old people, sick people,
    We bring together
    Thank you very much

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