RA Constitution

The Athlumney Wood  Residents Association Constitution

 The name of our association will be:

Athlumney Wood Residents Association

Our site:

Athlumney Wood, Navan, Co.Meath

Our website is www.athlumneywood.ie

This association will refer to the following location as “our site”:


Aims and objectives of our group:

The association seeks to represent and to promote the interests of all the residents

living on our site.

Athlumney Wood Residents’ Association will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any inaccuracy or error within these pages or any publications produced by the Association. Some pages may contain links from our site to pages maintained by other organisations. These are provided purely for your convenience. They do not imply that Athlumney Wood Residents’ Association endorses or supports those organisations, the information on their pages, or their products or services in any way. No responsibility is assumed by Athlumney Wood Residents’ Association for the contents of their pages or for the actions of individual members of the Association.


Membership of our association:

The members of this association are all residents who live on our site. Any member of the association can stand for election to the committee. The committee shall be composed of four officers: a Chairperson, a vice chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer and shall be elected every  year at the General Annual Meeting (AGM). In the event of a person leaving the area or resigning from the committee, the remaining Committee shall co – opt another member to fill the position. A committee member shall not hold the same office for longer than four consecutive years. All members of the association are welcome to any public events and meetings organised by the association. At events and meetings, members are expected to behave in a reasonable manner. The chairperson or event organiser will have the authority to exclude from a meeting or event anyone whose language or behaviour is offensive.

Banking procedure:

The Residents association shall have a bank account into which all monies received shall be lodged. Cheques shall be signed by the Hon Treasurer as well as the chairperson or vice chairperson. The committee can raise money on behalf of the association as they see fit, as long as they spend it in line with the aims and objectives of the association. The association should keep receipts for all money paid out. The treasurer will ensure that all accounts are audited once a year.

Equal Opportunities Statement

We want people from different backgrounds and different experiences to be part of our association. This is why we strive to make our Residents Association a place where everyone can feel welcome and safe. We will challenge any remarks or behaviour that cause offence and makes some people feel unwelcome. We will do our best to overcome any obstacles to people giving their view or getting involved in our association. We will take positive action to reach those people that are underrepresented at our meetings and will consider Equal Opportunities in our expenses policy.


How we will make sure we are democratic:

Once per year (no later than after 15 months) we will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is where the committee will be elected by majority vote. Written notice, and an opportunity to nominate people for committee, will be posted on our website at www.athlumneywood.ie.

Nominations in advance or from the floor will be accepted only if the person nominated is present at the Annual General Meeting or has put in writing that they want to stand.

What happens at our Annual General Meeting?

• The minutes of the previous AGM will be presented and approved.

• The existing committee will present a report of the association’s activities.

• The existing treasurer will present audited accounts for the year.

• The existing committee will stand down.

• The committee for the next year will be elected.

• If there is nobody willing to stand, the committee will decide whether to start procedures to close the association down. Alternatively the committee can continue in office to try and

redevelop the association for up to six months. It is the responsibility of the committee to recruit a new committee or formally dissolve the association within that period.


How will everybody know what has been decided

We will keep minutes of all meetings of the association. We will note down what has been agreed or decided and who is responsible for any jobs involved in that decision. The minutes will be

presented to the next meeting and have to be approved. Any member of the association has the right to read the minutes of any public or committee meeting.


Responsibilities of the officers

• Our chairperson will:

Usually chair all meetings. Ensure that all present can contribute without interruption and intimidation. Prepare the agenda with the secretary and ensure that agenda items are resolved.

• Our secretary will:

Deal with all correspondence, keep minutes and records. Keep all members informed. Prepare the agenda with the chairperson.

• The Treasurer will:

Keep up to date records of all financial transactions and make sure all members of the association receive all their expenses promptly. Make regular financial reports and prepare the accounts for the auditor. Present audited accounts to the AGM.

• Members of our committee will:

Work as part of a team and have the right to represent the association on outside bodies.