Letter from Crime Prevention Officer

Just a piece of information for you regarding burglaries. I was just doing a check on burglaries in Meath over the past mfour weeks as regards how the criminals got into the houses. Nearly all burglaries were carried out where the burglars entered the house by barrell popping either the front or back patio door. If you can recall at the talks where I showed you a piece of a door and the barrell which holds the key this is the main area where the criminals are targeting as they know it is very easy to gain entry to a house. So as already said
in the past change the barrel to a more updated one, use a anti-lock device for the patio doors and this will make the door far more secure and more difficult for the criminals to get into your homes. In addition most if not all had no house alarmsfitted to protect the house. If you are planning to get an alarm make sure you use a reputable company. Get at least three quotes to ensure you are getting the best value. It would be recommended that you have theh house monitored by a company or self monitroing via digit text.


Dean Kerins
Crime Prevention Officer

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