Grass cutting delay

Message from our contractors:
”Hi Laura just to let u know we are not able to cut the grass as we were stopped today by the Gardai and advised it’s not an essential service and not to do it. Once the ban is lifted we will do it then thanks.”


Attention residents,

Please note the door to door collections of the upkeep money for the estate will not be in operation now due to the COVID19 outbreak. Can you please drop the envelope with your address noted & €30 via letterbox to your street rep.

  • Alder Walk – Ciaran at 4 Alder Walk        Oak Crescent– Tracey at 17 Oak Crescent
  • Pine Grove– Brian at 5 Pine Grove            Rowan Glen– Alan at 35 Rowan Glen
  • Elm Drive, The Park, Cedar Vale – Laura at 56 The Park
  • Willow Green– Donna or Raushan at 12 & 17 Willow Green

Please try and have the monies returned sooner rather than later so we can commence with the first cut.

Many thanks,

Laura ant the team.

Welcome to the neighbourhood

Please welcome to the neighbourhood,
Please mind us like your own and help us grow…
Looks like we have new neighbours..
Please welcome “Fairies of The Wood”.
Just a little self initiative from parents to children and their parents in our street and estate

We know how many weeks can a summer’s day have – maybe little fairies will be able to help

Please – Do join in.
Lots of love