Newsletter for June 2011

Dear Resident.

This years Funday which will take place on the 4th of June. If you are interested in helping out (help badly needed) or would like to join in the fun or need any further information please contact Tracy at 17 Oak Crescent.

The forms for the community council sports week need to be back to 24 Oak Crescent by Tuesday 24th may 6pm.Our new website is up and running at thanks to Andrius and Laura for all their help in this. You will find all the information on all our activities on the website. The Clean team has done a fantastic job keeping the estate clean and looking pretty planting trees and plants. Thanks to everybody who helped in the last clean up day it was a great result.Our next residents meeting will be on Thursday June 23 location to be advised check website for details. The meeting is important please try to attend the last few meetings have only had a few attendees. Position of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Pro will be up for discussion. If you would like to apply for one of these positions please inform me in writing by June 15th. If we do not get any applications for the above positions the residents association unfortunately will no longer be viable.


Annette O’Hanlon           Chairperson                  Athlumney Wood Residents Association

September News Letter

Dear Residents.
Welcome to your September Edition of your Association Newsletter.

A lot has happened since the last newsletter and a lot more has still to come.

What has happened so far?
We have held a fantastic fun day for the children and the Clean Team has played a blinder when it came to preparing the estate for the Pride of Place competition in which they did us proud.
The results of the Pride of Place should be posted in the December Newsletter.
We are organizing our new neighbourhood watch team which should help to make the estate feel that little bit more secure. There will be a meeting with the Gardaí to discuss the running of this in the near future.
We are going to launch our new website with new features.
We are going to organize text messaging to inform residents of meetings etc.

Outstanding Issues.
We are in constant contact with Andrews regarding outstanding issues in the estate and to be fair to them they seem to be willing to help out as much as possible.
They have filled in the shores that were not covered and cleaned up the estate.
They have applied for and been granted planning permission for the Ramps which will be fantastic in slowing down all the traffic that seems to want to use the estate as a racing course.
They are also going to consult the residents directly affected by the substation to see how eliminate the problem this is causing. This should be happening in the next week or so.
There have been several meetings with the JACC on issues such as Youth Issues, The New National Primary School, Funding, Pedestrian Lights and the Wall between the Abbey and Our Selves.
Our New WEB Page is this is still under construction at present but will soon be up and running.
The next residents meeting will be in October.
If you have any queries or issues please do not hesitate to email me(Please use ‘Contact Us’ form)


Athlumneywood Residents Association.