Anti Litter League 2014

Meath County Council’s 2014 Anti-Litter League will commence on Monday 3rd March 2014 and will last for 6 weeks up to 13th April 2014. There are categories for Villages and Towns and also for a variety of Housing Estates depending on the numbers of houses. The competition is primarily to have litter removed prior to the growth of hedges and grass which sometimes covers over large amounts of litter. In previous years we have had in excess of 120 groups involved and we expect an increase in the number of applicants in 2014 which is such an encouragement in these difficult economic times.

So can everyone take a part in it and clean around where you live please. If you need any bags, contact Residents Association via website. Thanks. Laura

Anti Litter League

There is an Antic Litter League competition coming up, which starts on 18th February will run until 29th March. We have applied to enter this competition. As it will be on going for 6 weeks, we do not know when judges will be out, and how often, so let’s keep it clean all the time.  Please note, again,  blue bins are NOT FOR DOG LITTER.  So dog owners please, if you are out walking your dog and if he/she needs to go to the toilet, please pick up and dispose of it in your own waste, not in the communal bins.

If you are walking around the estate, please pick the rubbish on your way. It’s not hard and it will benefit us all.