Stranger in the area

I have been told of a man dressed in black with black hat, grey beard and hair knocking on doors asking the people of the house if their cars, washing machines etc are for sale. It is known that if he gets no answer to a house he is onto him mobile straight away (perhaps calling whoever to notify of empty house). He has been seen looking into cars and peoples windows before knocking on the doors. If you see this man please call the gardai immediatly.
About an hour and a half ago, a man fitting this discription approcahed two boys aged about 11 or 12 in our estate, and offered them some money, the boys ignored him and went into their houses. The mother of one of the boys was advised to call the GardaĆ­. He was driving a black punto type .

4 thoughts on “Stranger in the area

  1. Its very scary, I live in Athlumney Abbey, Ill be watching out too. I better warn the children.

    • It’s not just the children to be on high alert, it should also be the venerable, as this man has been knocking on doors asking if householders want to sell electrical items or cars. Apparently, when no relpy to houses, he would use his phone, perhaps telling someone else a house is vacant, we just don’t know as yet what the motives really are. When he approached the boys and offered money, it could have been for different reasons, i.e. to get them into the car (which is frightening), but could also because in houses where he got no answer, he may have been trying to pay kids to climb thorough windows downstairs., But whatever the motives, we all need to be extra vigilanet, and the boys in our estate were clever enough to get away from him, thanks be to God.

  2. This man was in the Dunloe court area in Windtown navan.sat 20th at approx 2pm he called to my house.and the reports are true abt him.i watched him.and got a few photos of him( thyre not great) but thyre on my phone i did call the Garda.

  3. Great bit of neighbourhood watch keep up the good work. Athlumney Castle will be alert to this man.

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