Community Council Alert

There was an incident in Athlumney Abbey this evening involving the Travellers and residents of the Abbey.Our football tournament started this evening and during the course of play,some traveller children aged 13yrs/14yrs interrupted play by taking the ball.It was then noticed that a couple of vans were driving around the area stealing anything that was not nailed down from people’s gardens .Front and back.There were at least 8 people in the back of each van. The residents made chase and the vans mounted the green area’s. The Gardai were called and one officer showed up on a push bike. The travellers were escorted out of the estate but they promised to come back to our area and destroy houses,cars etc.

The Gardai informed residents to be extra vigilant,they could follow through with their treat. There was nothing more they could do. But just to let you all know they are in the area and will be watching houses. Please inform your own residents not to leave kids bikes and toys out front and to make sure sheds are locked up each evening. Do not leave valuables on show in your car too. The family of travellers involved are well know for stealing. There was 1 white van and 1 Blue van involved. If seen in your area, please report to the Gardai.

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  1. I live on Elm Drive and was woken to 3 grown men shouting outside and they were breaking trees along Athlumney Wood. Absolute disgrace. Securuty Van drove up about 10 minutes later. There is no need for this I dont know where they came from but breaking the trees along the road is unacceptable.

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