Closure of Facebook page

First and most importantly a BIG thanks goes out to the previous Chairperson for doing so well for the past 3 or 4 years. The work done was and is very much appreciated.
Secondly, an apology is due to the said Chairperson. There was a recent incident which involved the closure of the FB page, which had 182 members. A few of us believed that the page should remain open to keep residents in touch with each other and hold forums. The chairperson had set up a FB page and I was always, from day one, under the impression that it was set up via the athlumneywoodra@gmail account, and therefore part of the RA as such. Having read some disclaimers, and terms and conditions of use, the email account holder of any FB page/group is responsible for any comments put on the page, so it is very understandable why she had to close down the page, as if anything untoward was put up, she could have been responsible, even after she removed herself as admin from the group, as it WAS directly linked to her own e-mail and FB accounts. She was within her right, in order to protect herself, to close down the page.
The committee for the moment will not have a FB page, and we will see how things progress, but in time, if we feel the need, or if the residents want a FB page set up again we may set one up, and link it to the RA e-mail address, so as and when a new committee is voted in, the page will not have to be shut down.
We are aware that she has taken recent events to try and save the page as a personal attack on her, but this is not the case, and once again, apologies to her for any upset it may have caused her. We wish her well and once again thank her for all the work she has done, in setting up and running the RA for so long.

Eithne, Laura, Brian

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