Clean Up Day- 16th April at 1pm

We are going to have some regular Clean Up Days from now on, and we would appreciate as much help as possible. The date of this is going to be SATURDAY 16th APRIL and we aim to start at 1.00pm, so if any of you are green fingered we would love for you to come along and help. We need to start sweeping all the roads of our estate. Big thanks to the ladies, who done some work last week.
If you feel you can not help out, even if you take care of outside your own property, that would be a great help.
We will be putting a notice up at the entrance to the estate to remind you of this.
The Clean Up Team (the CUP) are still looking for more members, please let us know if you are interested in joining, The CUP go out every so often, for about 30 mins just giving the estate a quick going over.

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