Road sweeping and weeding

Hi everyone,

We are asking people in all estate to sweep and weed their front gardens and the road near you. It’s too big job for 3 ladies to do it all. It will not take lots of your time and the place will look NICE and CLEAN.


4 thoughts on “Road sweeping and weeding

  1. I keep outside my house tidy but its so annoying when people park up on the grass outside the house and on the green areas when some are trying to keep areas looking well. The green area as been destroyed by cars and vans parking up on the side and its dangerous with kids running behind them.

  2. What has happened to the bins that were in the estate. In the last few weeks I am constantly picking up plastic bottles and rubbish around the top of the estate and there is nowhere to put it. The closest bin in a council bin outside the estate. It does t look great for the estate when there is rubbish at the entrance to it.

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