Anti Litter League

There is an Antic Litter League event coming up, it will run for 6 weeks from 20th February. We have applied to enter this competition, and there are financial prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. As it will be on going for 6 weeks, we do not know when judges will be out, and how often, so let’s keep it clean all the time. This can be done simply. Please use the bins in the estate for any litter (plastic bottles, cans, paper, etc.) if you are walking along and notice anything please put in the communal bins.  Please note, again, these bins are NOT FOR DOG LITTER.  AES have stated that they will stop emptying these bins if there is dog litter in them in future.  So dog owners please, if you are out walking your dog and if he/she needs to go to the toilet, please pick up and dispose of it in your own waste, not in the communal bins.  And please leave the bins in there places, stop moving around the estate. Clean Up team is trying to find the best places for them. Thanks.

Clean Up team will try to go out on their free time so if you see them, please join and help us. We will be having a Clean Up Day on 25th February at 11a.m.

Also, is line with the Anti-Litter Campaign, we have also applied for Pride of Place  again this year, if  there any green fingered residents out there who would like to give a helping hand please contact us. We are looking for some ideas, on planting new plants, or anything we can do to make our estate look prettier.  So please contact us, even if you are not green fingered, but have an idea let us know.  Thanks.

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