4 thoughts on “Newsletter March 2014

  1. Anything going to be done about filling in areas of the greens being driven on and destroyed.

    • Clare,
      Unfortunately due to the lack of support for the Resident’s Association, we don’t have the resources to manage this. Also, unless people stop using the green as a car park or short cut, it will just re-occur.
      We would recommend that you first discourage your neighbours from parking on the green before any work is undertaken. You are welcome to organise a group of your neighbours to volunteer some time to complete the work required.

      Athlumney Wood Residents Association

  2. Well as the association is looking for money from residents should this not done by the association.

    • What area are you talking about? As I know people are parking on the grass werges for years and if we’ll fix it, they’ll destroyed it.
      We have 4 members in the Commitee and few road reps, who are giving their own free time to collect funds for the grass cut. We can’t do EVERYTHING ourselves. It’s not just ours estate, we ALL live here. So we need EVERYONES help.

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